Start a little a day and get amazed by your effort

Hola. It has been a while since my last blog post and my apology as I had been quite busy with work and daily routines.

“What an excuse.” I know right. We tend to give ourselves all sorts of excuses just to cover our irresponsible action in dealing with something, well basically anything in life.


Too Many Things to Do, but Where to Start?

I experienced this at most of the time, and perhaps I am experiencing this right now where I got so much things to do, but I just don’t know where to start with. Often enough I just muddled along in life, had the same daily routines, wake up to work, eat, sleep and repeat. When time goes by, I started to feel uncomfortable with my current life. “Where am I heading to if I continue to live in this way?” I kept questioning myself. The insecurity started to conquer my mind and my entire body especially when I see my friends doing well with great achievements etc.

Envy and jealousy is normal. It gives you motivation to become a better person meanwhile it could also demotivates you at the same time.


Fear of Failures

People often doubted their ability and capability more than the trust and confidence in themselves. Frankly speaking, all because of the fear of failures. Is it because we are not as “thick-skinned” than who we used to be, or is it purely a mental block which we have to endure with?

I would say BOTH. Taking myself as an example, I grown up in Asian country and a typical Chinese family, whereby my parents made decisions for us most of the time when we were young. I was not trained to face mistakes and failures in life, but only embarrassing and low self esteem. I am not trying to blame my parents for being too protective over their child, but this is something happening around us everyday and everywhere.

I thanked my parents for taking good care of me, but not to decide on behalf of me. Oh I encountered so much problems on my first few attempts to make decision on my own, in fact I am afraid of making the wrong decisions to be specific.

Only then I realized, there is no right or wrong decision in this world, there is only “face it” and “act in spite of fear” in order to grow stronger and face the world.

Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


I want this FAST

We are living in the century that everything is about speed and efficiency. We want everything to be done fast. We eat fast, work fast,walk fast, and so do how we want our dream to come true (which we also aware it is merely possible). Therefore, we tend to give up easily when we don’t see the expected result even just after a short while.

We thought we’d tried our best. Yes, we tried our best to do things fast, but no to the patience for the best. We reminded ourselves “Good things worth waiting”, but eventually we just can’t wait. That is why it is always crowded at the starting point. However it ain’t many of us make it till the end.

Give up is an easier option but also the worst option ever.

Because how would you know every single bit you are doing right now, is an accumulation to success? You would never know if you chose to quit.



The Law of Attraction happens only when we believe of its existence. People called it manifesting miracles, I use this to strengthen my belief in pursuing anything I want in life.

Even if miracle doesn’t happen on you, eventually you’ve gained something out of your expectation. An experience, a new skill etc, you earn it by doing it, same goes with confidence.

Stop doubting your ability, start believing in yourself. Dare to dream big, and dare to take action.

Be responsible to yourself so then the universe would be able to response to your hard work.

Let’s start to be great.

With love,


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