Day 7 & 8- Never be Afraid to Think Big & Never Abandon Your Dreams

Happy Monday guys. Monday blue anyone? Have you ever wonder why are you experiencing Monday Blues most of the time? Do you feel yourself smaller than problems? Can you remember when was the last time you thought about your dreams?


What makes your dreams left abandoned?

Busy with work

Here’s some “answers” you might find it suits your current conditions:

“I am busy with work and dreams…? Dreams don’t help to pay the bills.”

See, this is what I meant by “answers”. This is an excuse, not an answer. Being busy with life is the most common excuses among all. Yes, everybody is busy. Ordinary people are busy , same goes with the successful people. What differentiates both of them? Ordinary people keep saying they are busy, are they really busy or they just refused to commit to their dreams? You need not to pretend like you are extremely occupied and do not have time at all after work. Every little bit counts!

All of us have 24 hours a day to pursue our dreams and run through our daily routines. Successful people are just like us. However, they do not find excuse not to pursue their dreams. They will find a way not to give up their dreams instead.

Unwilling to commit

“My free time is precious and I don’t want to sacrifice it.”

Try sacrifice your dreams and see what happens over a period of time. It is entirely up to you how you are going to spend your free time. Most people choose to focus on other “unproductive” works than that are important to them. Yes, I  meant watching TV show, surfing the net, day dreaming  etc. Successful people do certain things. Sorry, these things don’t include watching TV a few hours a day.

Would you be willing to do for the next 3 years what most people won’t do, and you will be able to do for the rest of your life what most people can’t do? Have a thought of it.


“I will get to it later”

I blogged about this in my previous post.

Trust me, you won’t. You won’t do it until it is too late. We couldn’t buy back our time. If we don’t use it, we lose it, period. My belief is there is no overnight success. A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It is made up of tears, sweat, countless sleepless nights, and unstoppable determination in order to make the impossible to come true.

Everything is about energy. If you think: “I want to be rich”, there is an energy driving you through the direction. On the other hand, there is a sound in your heart saying: “I am tired and I want to relax.”, that is another energy.

It is up to you to control the energy flow. If you want to be extremely successful, you must have to put an extreme amount of energy into it. Action speaks louder than word.

Afraid to think big

“I am scared that I will fail.”

We are all human, and all of us make mistakes. It isn’t about making mistakes, it is the positive attitude by knowing and rectifying the mistakes for improvement. Avoidance from mistakes cures nothing.

I see mistakes and failures positively. It is an opportunity to learn and grow. We should see ourselves bigger than problems and to have the confident to act against it.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and only afraid when you are not learning from them.

And much much more…

In fact there are many more “reasons” that causing us to leave our dreams behind.  I think it is critical to have a thought of it. After all, we only live once and why should we compromise our dreams to the reality which we might not even concern about?

I used to be that type of ordinary people. I told myself this is time to cut off from the previous me.

My To-Do-List

  • Post a positive thought note on Instagram and to blog about it

Of course I am tired after getting back from work. Sometimes I don’t even feel like moving out from the sofa. My positive thought knocks in and say: “Passion will leads you to where you belong. Prior to that, you need to be a whatever-it-takes person. “

Spreading positive thoughts around is my ultimate aim, and my passion is blogging. I feel fun and great to leave my words here for you and I hope you could feel the positive energy too.

  • Work out at least 20 minutes a day

Seriously, this seems impossible to me before. I used to give myself all kind of reasons not to work out. With unbalanced diet intake, I am regret of my habit now. I take this seriously when I came to realise that my registration of marriage is just about 80 days away from now (psss!!!)

After several attempts, I was able to cut down sugar intake and trained myself to work out with no excuses allowed.

I am excited to share with you my successful diet story too! Let me get back to you after 80 days Diet & Work Out Challenge.

Now, it’s your turn to share with me your thoughts. Do you ever have any dreams you wanted to pursue? Have you achieved what you want? Big congratulations to you if it is a yes, or else, let’s do it together NOW!

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