LeeHom Wang & His Mandarin Language Journey

Ni hao! (Hello *again!)

Today I would like to share a story about one of my favorite artist, LeeHom Wang.

LeeHom Wang is an American-born Chinese, a very talented singer and song-writer indeed. His musical style is known for fusion of different elements between the Chinese elements such as Beijing Opera with hip hop and R&B.

Talking about his journey of mastering Mandarin language, we will have to rewind his journey back in Year 1995. During the visit of his grandparents in Taiwan, he took part in a talent competition. Then he was offered a professional recording contract by BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group). Not missing the opportunity, he began to prepare his first debut album, namely Love RivalBeethoven (情敌贝多芬).

LeeHom was brought up in the America since he was young. The main language of communication among family members is English. Thus, Mandarin is not the main language he used in communication with people like what most of the Chinese did due to the environment and culture he lives in.

Only until he was back in Taiwan, he had a profound memory of being in Taiwan for the very first time. He started to realized his proficiency in Mandarin language. He also anticipated himself for visiting / staying in Taiwan would be more and more frequent in the future (due to the release of his first debut album).

LeeHom then decided to pick up his Mandarin language right after his return to America. He has the burning desire towards mastering the language, he was then hired a linguistic teacher and he learned Mandarin for 3 years with him.

In order to practise his Mandarin speaking, he started to speak Mandarin with his parents, while continue to speak English with his siblings. In fact, one of the most effective way to master a language is by practice and there is no shortcut for it. LeeHom shown a very good example.

According to the documentary of LeeHom’s music journey to how successful he is today, one key element we can model from him is that, he is being very determined in learning Mandarin. He realized the importance of Mandarin language where he had to publicize his first debut album at the TV shows in Taiwan which mainly communicate in Mandarin. He finds it difficult to express himself with limited Mandarin vocabulary.

However, thanks to his determination and passion, he is now one of the top music artist to demonstrates his music competency in various music styles. One of the “Wang’s” style in LeeHom’s music is chinked out. Chinked out is a new kind of musical style developed by LeeHom that involves modern west music of hip hop, R&B and dance along with the eastern music of heavy Chinese instrument influences.

Check this music video out:-

Besides his career, his outstanding achievement is also visible when he was chosen to as one of the torchbearers to run in Greece for the Olympic Games. Besides, his single “One World One Dream” was chosen as an Olympic Games participation song.

If you are still thinking you are not capable to learn Mandarin as you have no basic and no idea where to start, you got to start somewhere. One thing to bear in mind is, you must ensure yourself with full energy and passion which will boost your learning to the max!

I would like to share more information and excellent resources to help you learn to speak Mandarin the fun and effective way, please Click Here!

Last but not least, here is another song from LeeHom.

In the first few lines of the song lyrics, he was trying to tell the audience how embarrassed to merely understand  the Mandarin joke as he wasn’t good in Mandarin. Well, not the case now=)

Mandarin Vocabulary: Ni Hao (你好) -Hello

Positive thought of the day:

Passion is important to initiate an action, but determination is the key element in achieving a goal.

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