Weight Loss = Successful Diet Plan?

Thanks to Memories of the Day on Facebook, I came to realized that how chubby I was during University time. (Of course not anymore from the recent two years since I started diet & fitness plan) Many people surrounding us have the same thought, is losing weight an indication of successful diet plan? Purely in my opinion, it is a YES and NO.

Weight loss: A sign from your body

Weight loss could be a result from a decrease in body fat (the most desirable result), body fluid and muscle mass (No, we don’t want this to happen).

From many years ago we were “taught” to refer our body weight as the indication of successful diet plan. People like us especially females, each of us own a body scale, we step on it several times a day and hoping to see the decrease in scale number. We felt so encouraged although the figure dropped by 0.1kg.

Then there is an evil sound from our body, encouraging us to reward ourselves since we had been training ourselves so hard for the result (I mean really?). By then we could easily gain back a few times more than what we had reduced in a few hours of good food consumption.

This is indeed an unhealthy cycle.

The figure showing on body scale is no longer a good reference in a diet plan. As mentioned earlier weight loss could possibly be a result from several factors.

Get yourself a comprehensive body check up would definitely help yourself to see clearer especially through body composition analysis.

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From body composition analysis results, doctor and dietitian would consult you further based on your BMI (Body Mass index), body fat percentage, fat weight, muscle weight etc.

A successful diet plan starts with a SHALLOWEST reason

Hey I am still a beginner in my fitness journey and I would like to share with you my experience throughout the years.

I had been going through the same process over and over again:

–>Initial Stage: Eat, pamper myself, gained weight, feeling guilty, started to workout, eat less;

–>Effect: Feel hungry very easily, exhausted, low in motivation;

–>Consequences: Stop torturing myself and I will just live my life! Continue to eat, sleep, pamper myself etc etc etc.

Do you ever have the similar experience like me?

It is not wrong to make mistakes, what’s worst is we never learn from the mistakes, correct?

It is very important to find out the reason that motivates you the most to initiate a diet plan for yourself. A reason that you can’t afford to fail this time, regardless how many times you had failed in the past. You want to be responsible to yourself (for the very first and last time).

List down a reason here: _______________________________________________________________

My reason that leads me to my diet & fitness journey is–> I am getting married this year, I want to fit myself beautifully in my dream wedding gown! (Well to amaze everyone who looked down on me of course).

Simple as that, right?

Just to share with you, I went for a gown fitting session and I found myself couldn’t fit in some of the gowns. Furthermore, I “far-fetched” myself to fit in my love-at-the-fist-sight gown. I can fit myself into it but I can hardly breathe like omg! The sales assistant then said in chinese: You must “keep fit” lo~ (Meaning you will have to go for diet plan to fit yourself nicer in this gown). Okay, and I am now committed to do so because my pre-wedding photo shooting session would be 2 months away from gown fitting date.

Why am I still failing in my diet & fitness plan?

You found yourself a good reason to start, but where are you heading to?

I read tones of books and articles regarding on tips and sharing of successful diet plan. Somehow I find it more important to find one which suits yourself the best.

I started with reducing junk food & sugared drink consumption. The challenge was named 21 days without junk food and sugared drinks. I am only allowed to consume natural food, plain water, tea and coffee without creamer & sugar (we called it Teh-O Kosong & Kopi-O Kosong in Malaysia).

I managed to overcome the challenge and quickly I made myself another challenge called 21 days non-stop workout plan. It means that I would have to spare my time for workout daily regardless the timing, duration and types of workout and commit for 21 days.

Yes, I succeed in both challenges. What’s next?

My diet & fitness plan was dangling here and there for a good 1 to 2 years BUT trust me, don’t ever give up at this moment. Everything you went through is a process of rectification and improvement.

By failing then you would know which plan doesn’t work for you, and let’s make another one.

I made myself a conclusion based on my previous diet plan:

–>Lack of determination


A reason + Secret code (7 diet : 3 workout)

Let’s go straight to the point, the secret code of 7 diet: 3 workout simply means a successful diet plan pretty much relies on 70% if diet control and 30% workout effort.


  • Be clear of what you consume in your daily meals based on your basal metabolism rate (BMR) and the total calories intake shall not be lower than your BMR value.
  • Get to know the nutrition facts of each food you consume. You won’t want to take carbonated drinks anymore when you know it contained only sugar and artificial flavouring eh?
  • Consume natural food such as vegetables, good meat, wholegrain carbohydrates and good oil (olive oil, fish oil).
  • Estimate the calorific value for each meal and monitor for a good 3 months for a more distinctive result.
  • Give yourself 3 months to try his out.


  • You need not to commit yourself in working out for a long hour. As a long term effect you will only feel exhausted and demotivated to carry on. Spend about 30 to 40 minutes a day for your workout routine would be a great start.
  • You need not to do super hard workout routines to see your result faster. No such thing. Workout is about progressive improvement. Bear in mind, you never gain weight overnight don’t you? Why do you force yourself to slim down in a short period of time then?
  • You need not to buy many types of fitness equipment to start. Don’t give yourself a reason to stop. A yoga mat, a pair of good shoes and comfortable sport wear and you are good to go!
  • You don’t know where to start and you are not going to the gym? Me too! I often go on Youtube to look for workout videos and I will just try on it. Slowly I would figure out a workout plan which I am capable to cope with. Here are some workout videos for some awesome Youtubers (Fitness Blender, YiHugh from Taiwan)
  • You need not to push yourself too hard. Allow yourself to rest 1 to 2 days in a week (full rest without workout) to recharge before you feel yourself are stronger again.


Nothing is better when we can get a bunch of friends with the same interest. The effect of diet & fitness plan would be doubled up when we workout with a group of people who help to motivate each other and grow together.

Prior to this, please make sure yourself are prepared and determined to go for the best.

If you are still lost to start, I strongly recommend a tool named “The 3Week Diet” with direct link here. 3 weeks = 21 days and 21 days is a cycle to break or build a new habit. I hope the info above helps and are you ready to join the journey with me?

Let’s start to be great.

With love,


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