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Wu An! (Good Afternoon)

I often spend a lot of time to ponder this question: Why do some people succeed at learning a language and some people don’t? Why do some people failed miserably with certain languages and succeeded with certain languages? The answer is clear and fits with data collected elsewhere.

The fact about language studies that determine if you are going to succeed or not is highly depending on the proportion of time you spend learning the language with books as opposed to practising the language– it means speaking the language.

Learning a new language takes a lot of time. YES, A LOT OF TIME. The main thing is to learn a lot of new word which we are unfamiliar with it. Learning a new language by reading a book is dreadfully boring that most people’s brain give out when they try.

I cannot imagine anything more soul destroying then sitting down for years and learning Mandarin by studying it only (YES, ONLY!). The thing about it that so agitates me is that some schools try to hammer the language into the minds of students using this way when there are so many much better options. Especially in the light of the fact that most people that try this way, never actually learn the language.

The best way that a school can help a student learn a language is by helping them to a point where they can speak Mandarin outside of class as soon as possible.  Speaking to native speakers for an hour is probably worth a days worth of studies once you get past the basics.

The people that I know in China & Taiwan who speaks the best Mandarin has spent very little time in class rooms, they have learned Mandarin by pursuing the language outside of school. The way that schools helped them was combining personal content (the stuff they needed professionally and in hobbies) with the basic glue they needed to put the sentences together. The rest these students sorted out themselves.

Learn Mandarin through Chinese Songs

So today, I would like to introduce you a song, with simple lyrics to introduce you how Mandarin can do wonders by inputting a few lines of simple lyrics to a “brainwashing song”. Apparently, this is one of the most popular songs on Youtube with more than 20 million views. Check this out with direct translation in English beside the Mandarin lyrics:

好想你 (I Miss You) by Joyce Chu

想要传送一封简讯给你 (Feels like sending you a message)
我好想好想你 (To let you know that I miss you)
想要立刻打通电话给你 (Feels like giving you a call right now)
我好想好想你 (To tell you that I miss you)
每天起床的第一件事情 (The first thing to do in the morning)
就是好想好想你 (Is to miss you)
无论天晴还是下雨 (And regardless the weather it is)
都好想好想你 (I really missing you so much)

每次当我一說我好想你 (Everytime time I said I miss you)
你都不相信 (I know you may not believe)
但却总爱问我有沒有想你 (Buy you always like to ask me the silly question like this)
我不懂得甜言蜜語 (I may not know much about sweet talks)
所以只說好想你 (and the only thing I could confess to you is that I miss you)
反正说来说去 (The each time I said this)
都只想让你开心 (Is to make you happy)

好想你 好想你 好想你 好想你 (I miss you very much)
是真的真的好想你 (and I really do)
不是假的假的好想你 (I am not lying to you)
好想你 好想你 好想你 好想你 (I miss you very much)
是夠力夠力好想你 (I miss you so so much)
真的西北西北好想你 (and I am extremely missing you right now)
好想你 (I miss you)

I find that this song is simple to learn with simple lyrics repetition. Most importantly, we have fun learning it.

Learn Basic Prior Anything Else

Before we can pick up and practise the pronunciation of each Mandarin words, it is perhaps important to learn some basics of it. I found this useful website to share with you if so happen that you are looking for a website for Mandarin learning. Just by clicking on this link [Click Here!], you are able register and study basic Mandarin for free.

Have fun learning a new language and I hope we can sing this song together one day!

Mandarin Vocabulary:  Wu An (午安) -Good Afternnon

Positive thought of the day: To learn a new skill is not only by memorizing the theory on the books, most importantly is to have fun out of it.

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