Day 9- I Manifest Miracles Everyday

The feeling when you survived from Monday blue is great. Ha. I don’t find myself in blues when I am live my life to the fullest. Perhaps,life is too short to spend on doubting your ability from manifesting your dreams and miracles.

I would like to share with you a video which you may find it worth watching, “The 12 Laws of Karma”.

I don’t view it from religion perspective but  from the angle of wisdom thinking. A few laws would be applied along the blog article. This is for a better picture of manifesting miracles or any objectives in your life.

Why some people see miracles as impossible?

Miracles to me work similarly with our dreams. Do you see dreams possible? Yes. Why would you see miracles impossible then?

1>People see miracle as obstacle [The Law of Creation]

Just like our dream, it doesn’t become reality without effort and commitment. People preconceived miracle would never happen as it never happen to them all this while. Have you ever wonder why?

Successful people don’t create miracle by overnight, they too build their dreams from scratch. Without effort and commitment, miracle doesn’t happen as success won’t knock the door on its own. They have one thing in common: Unstoppable determination & persistence.

2>Doubt in yourself [The Law of Growth]

You see your ability as you see how miracle happens: Almost impossible.

Doubting your own ability is like doubting to purchase a tool. You have it in your hand but you hesitate to give a try. To be exact, you give up without trying.

Give up is the worst option ever.

The world is up to you to explore, same goes with your infinite potential. Why would you caged yourself in a comfort zone while you could possibly fly higher?

3>Any possible reason could stop you, it would stop you [The Law of Significance & Inspiration]

“Reward is a direct result of the energy and effort we out into it”

After 8 days of the positive thoughts sharing, I believed this is not new to you. Loser gives reasons not to do it, winner seeks for solution to continue an action plan.

In order to be successful, you must ensure yourself is ready to be an above and beyond kind of person instead of wanting a good life without working hard for it.

Continue to live and complain

Since we are comfortable to stay in the comfort zone, we shall continue to live the same lifestyle. Get up in the morning, stuck in traffic jam, fixed working hour, overtime, go back home, TV, internet and sleep. You find it bored or you hated it, but you just refused to change.

Slowly you started to complain. That life is being unfair to you. You worked so hard in the office, but you are replaceable by anyone as it is up to your management discretion. You traded your time for money, but what you’ve got is the limited cash flow.

Do you want to continue the rest of your life like this?

How do we manifest miracles to reality?

Miracle is a term of belief that holds you up, that keeps your positive energy flows continuously to where you desired.

There is no shortcut to reach your destination. The vital truth about manifesting miracles is you have to speak the language that universe speaks.

“Whatever we put into universe, the universe will come back to us.”

A check list to follow before you proceed with manifestation of miracles:

1> Think of your life goal and the absolute reason to go for it

2>Create an effective action plan

3>Implementation of action plan

When you have the will, your mind will create the right vibration and sent it  over to the universe. All you need is to raise your energetic set point for the universe to hear you and give you what you want.

How do we do that? Manifestation miracle by Heather Mathews could help as it comes with a proven system of step-by-step blueprint. It is not only about manifestation miracles but literally anything you wished in your life. The reviews from the readers are encouraging that positive energy are gained from a group of people with similar objective in manifesting what they want in life. Do check this out if you find it suitable for you.

Declare to the universe today: I manifest miracles everyday and I will make them come true.

I believe what we focus on expands. Let’s spread the positive thoughts all around the world.

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