Day 6 -I Will Stop Procrastination & Do it NOW

Happy weekend! Weekend is the most ideal timing for procrastination!  WHAT?! Say it again?

YES. Weekend is the-most-ideal-timing-for-procrastination. You treat it as a reward to yourself for working hard at work in the weekdays. You promised yourself that you will go to bed on time and do whatever you want to do.

Your first reward is to grab some junk food and drinks, turn on the TV. The perfect match and activity yeah. Two days have passed and you questioned yourself: What did I do for the past 2 days…?

You felt sorry for not giving yourself a good rest. You felt guilty for not fulfilling your promise to yourself.

Here it comes–>the Monday Blue.

Monday Blue in relation to Procrastination

I know today is a Saturday but I am talking about this. Sorry but I have to say this. Monday Blue is related to our habit of procrastination.

Monday Blue is a common “syndrome” and mental reflection which caused by excessive pleasure and enjoyment in the weekend. Remember thought leads to feelings? Our conscious mind continuously look for a way out for relaxation when a message is generated from our thought. We watch TV and have fun, or probably doing nothing. We called it an unproductive weekend.

It happens to me as well. Whats worst is the habit has become ingrained in my daily life. I tend to procrastinate literally at anything I do. One day I found my long lost diary with some handwritten words. It’s my resolutions of the year, for many years ago. It is not surprised that I am writing the same resolution over the years. I know and I knew the reason being, I was trying to avoid from confronting my weakness.

Procrastination is the Thief of Time

Some of the us procrastinate without realising it.  We practised to be procrastinate over a period of time. Perhaps we shall not underestimate the chronic effect of it.

Not only the daily chores, we talk about future self development and direction we would be in.

If we wanted to achieve to a higher level of success in life, procrastinate is a habit to get rid of it.  The longer we delay our effort, the more time we are wasting of.

We can have plenty of reasons NOT to do it, why not a reason to DO IT NOW? Why must we wait and let the opportunity escapes?

Stop Procrastination and Do it Now

Think about your previous experience. What could happen if you grab the opportunity and what will not? Do you feel crappy, upset or even regret over an experience for being procrastinated?

If it is a yes, it is a good sign!

You realiased it and you are going to learn to overcome procrastination. You are making a life changing decision ever.

Let’s kick away procrastination and declare to the universe today: I WILL NOT PROCRASTINATE AND DO IT NOW!

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