Blue, Thin & Mushroom and the funny Mandarin Joke

Hi guys, I just discovered a funny Mandarin joke and I would like to share with you all. If you have no idea what does it talks about, it really doesn’t matter, I will highlight for you what you “expected” to learn from this short video, check this out:

The content about this video basically talks about a man in China posted a short video of him on social media (weibo) and hits almost a million views. What so special about this video?

  1. Man’s Mandarin accent in slightly out from what it should be.
  2. His greatest facial expression ever trying to tell how uncomfortable is he when his wife was outstation for a few days.
  3. The audience were wondering whether he broke up with his girlfriend and apparently he is not. He wasjust  missing his wife too much. Ha.
  4. Thanks to him, two new “words” eventually invented which homophonic with the original words and meaning. The words are being used “viral” in their daily conversation.

Let me briefly explain to you the 2 words from the joke:

  • “蓝瘦” [lán shòu]

Original word: 难受   [nán shòu]

Original meaning: uncomfortable

Joke: 蓝 [[lán] meaning blue, 瘦 [shòu] meaning thin, when 2 words are combined and read, it sounds kind                   “out” and different from the original word.

  • “香菇” [xiāng gū]

Original word: 想哭 [xiǎng kū]

Original meaning: Want to cry

Joke: 香菇 [xiāng gū] ‘s meaning mushroom! When his accent plus his pronunciation as such, people can                       easily interpret into such direction.

I always feel that Mandarin language is such a beautiful language to be.  By understanding it, I could communicate with most of the people in the world who speaks the same, I could watch the famous Chinese dramas and TV programs, I could easily understand a joke like the one I just shared for a good laugh.

Regardless what languages you are interested to learn, there is always endless fun to discover new things at a time eh?

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