Day 5- I Will Act In Spite of Fear

Aloha people. It is now Friday night in Malaysia, a cozy night to be after the heavy rain. How’s everyone doing?

I am kind of “obsessed” with my 21-Days Positive Thoughts Challenge and I am now on Day 5.

Today I am going to share my declaration to universe toward a better me.

I will act in spite of fear. 25 Nov 2016, WinneyL

Yes, I will act in spite of fear regardless the form of fears which are trying to hold me back.

The common “fear” in us- Fear the unknowns

It is commonly seen that almost all of us loved to stay with comfortable rather to challenge the uncomfortable. We are happy with our daily routines and exercises (or maybe not). When we have the opportunity to explore a new experience, our fear often kicks in before any other emotions and we stop. Apparently fear is holding us back, we feel scary for the unknowns to come.

We can’t imagine what lies before us. Therefore, we are hesitate and afraid to move  forward, all we know is “I am in fear, what if…”. Human are “good” at making crazy assumptions which most likely will never turn out.

 Unfortunately the only way to overcome fear is to face it and act in spite of fear.

You might ask: But how?

5 Tips to Overcome Fear & Learn to Act in spite of Fear

Allow yourself to rest. Perhaps this is the most crucial step of all prior anything else. Be gentle with yourself, that allows you to sit in the position, feel the moment to fit yourself better in a new experience. Let your positive thought to sit in and spread the energy to your entire body.

Take a deep deep breath. Simple as that–> Take a DEEP DEEP breath. Focus in your breath and be in the moment. Feel the energy within yourself.  When you are focused on your breath, it  diverts your attention away from fear.

Encourage yourself. Remember other times when you were in fear but you overcome it with courage? All of them worked out! Be confident at yourself by remembering the successful times you had and you know you can do it for this time too. Bear in mind, there are no mistakes, only lessons. We will certainly learned something regardless the result of an action.

Make an action plan and DO it. Action speaks louder than word. Now again, get a note and a pen with you. Write down you goal, break it into smaller workable steps and write them down in order. You need an effective action plan to guide you all along about your new endeavor. What’s more important next? Take action NOW indeed.

Reflection. At certain period of time, we stop by and review our action plan. Ask ourselves, what we’ve learned, our accomplishment of each small steps, and also measures to deal with upcoming challenges. Celebrate every successful moment although it is just a small step forward, nothing is more important than self acknowledgement in dealing with fear.

The cycle eventually goes repeatedly for each and every new challenges in our lives. All you need to do is follow the 5 steps above and practise. Practise to act in spite of fear, and you will realise that the whole thing is not as scary as what you thought.

Declare to the universe today: I WILL ACT IN SPITE OF FEAR!

Share with me your positive thoughts today!

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Happy Black Friday! Woot.

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