4 Best Tabata Ab Workout for Beginner

Are you a beginner and lost in direction for effective ab workout? Do you want to burn your belly fat without doing extremely long cardio sessions or crunches?

Taking myself as an example, I am those kind of person that gives up easily (yes, I am, read my previous post here). But I never give up looking for the best alternative that suits my diet & fitness plan. Tabata workout it is, the most efficient way to get the body shape you want in the least amount of time. I was surprised that how my entire body is aching on the next day from just one 4-minute workout and also the result which I am transforming in.

Tabata workout was identified by a professor Dr. Izumi Tabata and his research team on the health benefits of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off workout plan in 1996. The research outcome shows that the high intensity interval training has a greater impact on aerobic (cardiovascular) and anaerobic (muscle) system. The BEST part about tabata workout is it is equipment free and anyone can do it at anywhere, anytime! Sounds cool isn’t it?

Tabata Workout Ideas

Tabata workout basically mix and match moves from strength and cardio columns for an intense total body workout.

A simple formula to follow:-

-20 seconds of high intensity exercise

-10 seconds of rest

-Repeat 8 rounds of 30 seconds workout

-total workout time = 4 minutes

Try to complete at least 2 to 3 repetition for each tabata workout for better result.

Notes for Beginner

  1. Don’t be afraid if you are a newbie on this. Things are always the hardest at the beginning. However, I can rest assured you that you will feel accomplished and enjoying the moment once you mastered it.
  2. You don’t need difficult workout moves to achieve a better result. Just because we want things fast, workout isn’t that something you can expedite on. Progressive improvement is what it matters.
  3. Start with beginner workout moves to build up confidence.
  4. Just like any other workout, proper warm up and stretching is essential before start.
  5. Do it instead of doubting.

Best 4 Tabata Ab Workouts Recommendation for Beginner

Without more words let’s get started! Below are the 4 moves that I started with when I first exposed myself with tabata workout.

Ankle Touch

Ankle Touch (20 seconds, rest 10 seconds)                                                     (Photo Credit: Online Sources)

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle Crunch (20 seconds, rest 10 seconds)                      (Photo Credit: Online Sources)


Crunches (20 seconds, rest 10 seconds)                                                           (Photo Credit: Online Sources)

Scissor Lift

Scissors lift (20 seconds, rest 10 seconds)                                                 (Photo Credit: Online Sources)

Flutter Kick

OR Flutter kicks (20 seconds, rest 10 seconds)                        (Photo Credit: Online Sources)

Where to start?

Now, you should really get up to warm up yourself and kick start with Tabata ab workouts!

Alternatively, I recommend you to read this before you start.

Have a good day and go for fit body B-).

Let’s start to be great.

With love,


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