21 Days Positive Thoughts Challenge

Hey people, how’s everyone doing? I am thrilled to share with you guys this event called the “21-Days Positive Thoughts Challenge”! Hopefully you are as excited as me to join as well! I promise it is simple to conduct and it could possibly be the life changing action ever!

Many people believed that the “21-days habit” works, whether to make or break a habit by consistently practicing a routine for 21 days, so do i.

Researches found that our daily actions were not conscious, but a habit. In fact, a simple 21 days habit could leads to a life changing shift which really surprise me.

How I Started A 21-Days Challenge

I started and experienced a remarkable result from the “21 Days Sugar-Free Drinks Challenge”.  During the challenge period, I am only allowed to drink plain water, black coffee, tea or soy milk and they MUST contained NO sugar. Sugar is a widely eaten nutrient-free food which is known as the “silent killer” and consumed largely by Malaysian. By looking at the overweight rate in Asia, sugar consumption is no longer a “silent issue”. I used to be a sweet tooth and I never realise it until I read an article on the enormous silent effect of sugar could be to human. From there  I started the 21 days challenge, and it was a great success.

I was able to cut down my daily sugar consumption of almost 100%  of it and lose weight for about 2kg after challenge. Aside from having cakes and desserts once in a while, I have never stop by at any of the beverage stores anymore.

From the above experiment, I believe the 21 days habit actually works. So I quickly start myself off with another 21 days challenge called the “21 Days Work Out Challenge”. It was also a successful ones.

21-Days Challenge Is NOT for Everybody

However, the 21-days challenge is not meant for everybody. Why do I said so? Refer to below checklist before you proceed and accept the challenge:

  1. Do you have a clear objective to start a 21-days challenge. (Yes/ No)
  2. Clear instructions are in place to achieve the 21-days challenge.  (Yes/ No)
  3. You have a strong mentality to overcome whatever possible circumstances during the challenge. (Yes/ No)
  4. A determined mindset to make or break a habit through this 21-days challenge. (Yes/ No)
  5. You will not procrastinate your plan and you are prepared to start anytime soon.  (Yes/ No)

If any answers of the above has a “No”, you shall NOT proceed. It will never works if you are not prepared.

Today we are not talking something about health and fitness, but I want to share with you all my motive of having this event.

21 days positive thoughts challenge

“21 Days Positive Thoughts Challenge”

This event is called the “21-Days Positive Thoughts Challenge”. I am a believer that all of us need the positive energy whether from the internal of us or the external from the surrounding environment. The positive vibe is what keeps us moving forward.

It works similarly like the Law of Attraction– Think positive and positive will come to you.

To me, positive thoughts bring me plenty of “luck” I can say. It makes me view things from different angles and perspectives from what I used to be.

The previous me was never believe in miracle. We manifest our miracle by first having the positive thought, followed by positive feelings that leads to positive actions and lastly the positive result. A pessimist will not take positive seriously as they never believe in the magic of positive thinking and vise versa.

Let take it in this way, you control your own life. You know you had have a dream that you always dreamed of but you have yet to achieve due to certain reasons. You wanted to go for your dream so much but your sub-conscious mind is somehow holding you back. That makes you to live with an undesirable life. You hate yourself for not being courageous enough, but LOOK, you are not serious.

You are not taking action!

Tomorrow, there will always be a tomorrow for procrastinator.

The longer we wait, more time we are wasting to “wait for the right timing, a good opportunity and a right you”. Louis E-Boone says:

“The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have and should have”.

Why Wait?

Let’s have a deal. Get a note book and a pen with you. Spend 5 minutes a day and think of anything could make you stay happy and positive in life. Write down your thoughts for 21 days consecutively. 

And witness your changes!

It might be a small step but it is definitely a life changing moment once you get yourself right at the first place. Positive thinking is applicable to almost anything in life!

Are you ready for the challenge? Let me share with you my positive notes for the past 4 days:

21 days positive days challenge day 2

Day 2- Bit by bit. Day by day to build your dream. Determine. Persistent. Most importantly, believe in your own value.

1 days positive days challenge day 3

Day 3-I will live my life to the fullest.

21 days positive days challenge day 4

Day 4- I play to win, not to avoid from losing.

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Have fun! Cheers for positive life!

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