21-Days Habit & My 21-Days Fat Burning Challenge

The 21 days habit simply means that a 21-days routine to make or break a habit by consistently practice a routine for 21 days.  I believe this applies to anything in life with condition that you are willing to make a change, right now.

In my previous post, I talked about our daily actions were not conscious, but a habit.  In fact, it is proven that a simple 21 days habit could lead to a life changing shift.

Are you the warrior to accept the 21 days challenge?

The 21-days challenge is seriously not for everybody. Strong mentality and mindset is the pre-requisite to enter the challenge and I am serious.

Do check the list below before you start 1 21-days challenge:

  • Do you have a clear objective to start a 21-days challenge (Yes/ No)
  • Clear action plans are in place to implement the 21-days challenge (Yes/No)
  • You have strong mentality to overcome whatever possible circumstances during the challenge (Yes/No)
  • A determined mindset to make or break a habit through this 21-days (Yes/No)
  • A will to take action now instead of procrastinate (Yes/ No)

Do not proceed if any “No” as the answer for the above. It will never work if you are not prepared.

21-days habit on Diet & Workout Plan

Let’s complete the checklist together. I will list down my answers for the checklist and it is not necessarily to follow mine. My 21-days challenge is called Winney’s 21-days fat burning challenge.

Try to be focus on only one habit you want to make or break. In my case, I would like to reduce my body fat mass and percentage.  Based on my latest result from body composition analysis, I will need to reduce 7kg body fat mass and a 6% of body fat percentage to go for healthier level.

Do you have a clear objective to start a 21-days challenge.

Objective: To reduce body fat mass and percentage.

Clear action plans are in place to implement the 21-days challenge.

Action plan

(i): Reduce/ cut down all sugar contained food and drink;

(ii): Reduce consumption on processed food & junk food;

(iii): Consume natural food with balance diet intake in a day;

(iv): Work out regularly and allow a rest day/ cheat day to pamper myself.

You have strong mentality to overcome whatever possible circumstances during the challenge.

Possible circumstances

(i): Too strict on food intake might cause a reverse effect;

(ii): Too little consumption on good oil such as fish oil and olive oil might cause constipation;

(iii): Give reasons for not working out;

(iv): Not discipline enough during the 21-days duration.

A determined mindset to make or break a habit through the 21-days.

Mindset (i): I can’t afford to lose time as clock is ticking to count down from my wedding day.

Mindset (ii): I want to be responsible to my own health.

A will to take action now instead of procrastinate.

Definitely a yes and on the go!

Stubborn Body Fat = biggest health enemy

As you are aware, excessive body fat could leads to severe health problems such as coronary heart disease, reduced efficiency in liver and kidney, prone to other diseases like diabetes, stroke and many more.

It is always not too late start now than regret.

Be honest to yourself, you know you body the best. Make yourself available for a simple body check up to first understand your current health condition.

Like my case, I understand that I will have to make effort to reduce the stubborn body fat.

Many people are not aware that reduce is body weight doesn’t mean you have successfully cut down your body fat mass. Reduced in body weight could be due to a decrease in body fluid or muscle mass too. Now, besides dieting control and work out plan, a proven tool is essential to ease the process.

Proven Tool to reduce Body Fat

“I know I need to reduce body fat, but how?”.

Here’s the answer for your question:-

  • A manual
  • A Diet Guide
  • A Workout Guide
  • A Mindset & Motivational Manual

Only four items of the above you need to kick start your burning of body fat plan and it is known as “The 3 Weeks Diet”. All you need be prepared to commit from the next second till the 21st day of this challenge.

The most apparent result from the 21-days fat burning challenge is you can feel yourself changing from body shape, body weight is lighter than before, you are more energetic and refreshed on a daily basis etc. Our body won’t lie to us from the body weight, body shape and your health conditions, true or true?

I believe this is worthwhile trying since you might already have the thought to change your health condition to a better stage. Also I find the tool is affordable to invest as an asset to improve your health.

People like me who work from 9-5 daily with decent earning, I do not have extra pocket money to sign up for gym. What I can do is to try out any other alternatives to achieve the same target. Therefore I found this “The 3 Weeks Diet”, a result based diet & workout program designed for anyone who has the same aim.

Let me share with you some of my photos showing a progressive result and it is still on-going:

I can see my muscle tone is slowly appearing. My waistline also reduced by 2 inches. 

Reduced in arm line and flatter tummy indeed.

My right hand side viewing.

You Biggest Enemy is YOU

I know it is not easy to be on this path of journey if I’m not mentally and physically prepared. In fact giving up is always my option.

Somehow I realized the biggest enemy is not about the delicious food and drinks or the difficulties of the workout plan, it is me. I give up easily when I can’t see the expected result. Failure in controlling myself from consuming junk food is an indication of low self-discipline. Reluctant in doing workout as planned is an example of procrastination and laziness. These are the enemies that you have to deal with them by your own.

No one could stop you from becoming better. Remember, your biggest enemy is YOU.

Join me on 21-days fat burning challenge anyone?

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